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Beauty Tips


We're excited about helping you wrangle up all that frizz! For all types of hair, we've got the right formula of American Smoothing Treatment just for you.


Not only will you receive the best boot slappin' hair stylin' you have ever had, every customer of The Hair Saloon is offered aComplimentary Beverage at every visit. One per customer, per visit, of course.


The first step in knowing how to style your dry hair is to understand what you’re working with. If your hair is dry, dull and breaks easily, the cause is usually a combination of issues with sebum, genetics, bad habits and lack of proper care. The role of sebum is to hydrate the scalp. If you have dry hair, however, it means that the sebum isn’t doing its job properly, which can lead to itchiness and irritation.


It is your RIZA HAIR NYC - make yourself at home!

We have a complete line of specialty products for the care of your beauty. and professional stylists at your service

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