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Every client is different, and our hairstylists understand all aspects of hair care and hair services in Manhattan. This wealth of knowledge allows our stylists to provide a high level of service that meets the needs of our clients while providing fantastic results. For people who only need basic hair services, we offer a wide variety of options to meet their individual needs, which includes:


Cut Only                                                                                                                        $65

Haircut & Blow Dry                                                                                                    $95

Blow Dry                                                                                                              $45-$55

Bang Trim                                                                                                                     $10

Flat Iron                                                                                                                        $15

Curling Iron                                                                                                                


There are many New York hair salon services, but arguably the most powerful service is coloring. In the hands of professional hairstylists, coloring is an amazing tool. Hairstylists can use color to make a hairstyle almost come alive with beauty and style. The use of color is almost an artistic endeavor that requires a level of creativity and vision to see the possibility of how a color adjustment will look before it actually happens. Our New York stylists have this unique talent to take color and make magical moments concerning hairstyles.

Our hair salon coloring services include:

Single Process                                                                                                            $95

Ammonia-Free INOA Single Color                                                                      $110

Double Process                                                                                             $120-$200

Partial Highlights                                                                                                      $95

Half-Head Highlights                                                                                             $150

Full-Head Highlights                                                                                             $200

Full-Head Balayage                                                                                                $180

Ombre                                                                                                            $150-$200

Gloss/Glaze/Toner                                                                                                   $75


In addition, our Manhattan hairstylists are able to provide these therapy services in a manner that brings out the best results in every client in New York. For women and men who desire hair therapy, our salon offers several hair therapy services such as:

Deep Conditioning Treatment                                                                         $55 

Mask Treatment                                                                                                  $35

Scalp Treatment                                                                                                  $30

Extra Volume Treatment                                                                                  $30


Our hairstylists understand the uniqueness of hair and what is needed to produce a specific look or feel regarding hair. A tool that our New York stylists use very well in creating the desired looks requested by clients is our straightening service. We offer several options related to our straightening services:


Keratin/ Brazilian Blowout                                                          $ 300 + up   Japanese Straightening                                                                $200-$400

Chemical Relaxer                                                                            $75    -$150

Perm                                                                                                   $150-$250



Our hairstylists are always on the look out for new or better ways to provide hair salon services in New York. One of the most popular hair salon services at our salon is extensions. Our hairstylists are ready and able to provide extensions services to meet our clients’ specific needs. No extensions request is beyond the talent and skill level of our hairstylists. Regarding our extensions, we only use 100% human hair.


Our extensions Manhattan hair salon services include:

100% human hair SoCap* Extensions *ask for price                (212) 794-1040


In addition, we have very capable staff members who are great regarding all aspects of preparing for big days such as weddings or special events. When people want to look there best, they need experts in the area of hair care, hair services, and makeup to provide an unforgettable look that will provide a lifetime of memories. Our New York salon is ready to handle all the various hair salon services that people need for their wedding or big event. Our wedding and events services include:


Makeup                                                $65        Updo                              $65-$250

Wedding  (Updos/Makeup) *ask for quote                                (212) 794-1040

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